Sales Support

Providing the best quality of service is always our priority responsible to customers. To ensure our customers satisfaction, we give our best effort to giving supports before and after you purchase our products. With the supports given, you will never regret for the investment to our products for your construction projects.

The supports given will never end until you decide to stop using MACROZA. Before you buy our products, we will start giving you with the information that you need to know so you will never spent more than you need. The supports given after sales is to ensure you can start working with our products immediately and any situation caused by the products that you stop from working.

The full range of supports are fast and easy to reach you just like you can get started by watching our training videos online or phone us for supports. Not only that, some specialist training and supports facalities are ready for you to get the best perfomance of work using our products for getting best returns of investment.

Onsite Supports and Facilities

We are building for our reputation and goodwill over the years by providing the best supports for our customers. After all, we know sales supports are what our customers are demanding while On-Site supports and supports facilities are the sales support that ready for them.

There are mainly two type of On-Site supports which are On-Site Demo and On-Site Training. For the On-Site Demo, we have range of our products ready in our showroom for demo while we also will try to arrange demo at your place for your better understand to our products. We have our own specialist team with transports to do the demo for you at any place on schedule to make sure you see how the products work and help you understand better with our products. We have previously travel to outstation on request of our customer to perform the training for them.

If you want an instant demo with complete products showcase and demo, you can go to our demo room as well for free demonstration. We have range of facilities for you to test drive the products with our instruction and brief about the products in our demo room.

After you buy MACROZA products, our supports will never come to an end. We have provide you with the training session to ensure you can get into the work immediately and use the products to ensure you earn from the investment. For new customer, our training sessions are alway so valuable because you can save a lot of money and time for doing another long training for your staff.


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