Product Range

MACROZA Milling Cutter Wall Chasing machines make exceptionally easy, clean and fast the chasing job in walls and partition walls due to its exclusive design and extraordinary performance. MACROZA M80, M95 and SC200 wall chasers are light & versatile, the ideal machines to work in places where sturdy, robust and reliable machine are required. Its fast and clean cut avoids damaging the walls and waste of material on the construction projects. They are the ideal tools for professional chasermen, easing the hard work of embedding wires, conduits and pipes for the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries.

Wall Chasers

Ideal for soft materials
Hollow clay bricks
AAC / Ytong block
Rendered walls
Ideal for harder materials
Solid clay bricks
Optional dust collection
Overload chip
Hard & abrasive materials
Optional dust collection
Protection LED lights
Chases up to 50mmX50mm

Technical Specifications


Hollow Clay brick Solid Clay brick Cement blocks AAC block


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