MACROZA is a Spain-based company with over 50 years experience manufacturing portable electrical wall chasing machines. Such specialization has allowed them to become the leading brand in the industry where they are known for their top quality, reliable and innovative products.

MACROZA solid foundations and proven experience in the Spanish market have allowed them to successfully expand at an international level based on building close relationship with distributors, customers and technical service centres.

Currently the MACROZA brand is present in more than 25 countries worldwide. Despite being quite different markets they all have a common feature: The need to save cost & time in construction projects by performing faster and cleaner chases in walls and partition walls.

At their R&D department MACROZA work tirelessly to improve their product’s performance making the hard labour of the chasing job easier for our customers and end-users. We take pride in being flexible in attending to all our customer’s needs.


Macro SL was founded in 1956 as a company within the ancillary & construction sector to open chases in dwellings and other residential and non-residential construction buildings. They had an extensive commercial network throughout Spain working for Spanish’ main construction companies at that time.

At first the chasing job was done with hammer & chisel. It was an extremely hard and slow job. At Macro they decided to design and manufacture a wall chasing machine capable of doing chases faster, cleaner and in a more secure and efficient way. These machines were just for the exclusive use of Their professional chaser men.

This first model was designed by Their engineers with the object of manufacturing a reliable and robust machine, made to last under the hard work conditions of construction sites.

With time this first model was later improved incorporating the day-to-day experience of Their 450 workers throughout Spain.

In 1981 with 25 years experience successfully manufacturing & marketing their chasing machines behind them, they decided to commercialize their chaser machine to the general public.

In 1990 they started to explore the possibilities of exporting their products in the international arena. Portugal was the starting point with excellent results. They then moved on to establishing a commercial network in Western Europe & South America. The MACROZA brand is now present in many countries around the world.

Since 1956 they have been the world experts in the designing and manufacturing of portable electrical wall chasing machines.

Their long & proven experience together with Their R&D department allows us to design and develop the best quality wall chasing machines in the market. This is why they proudly say that the MACROZA brand is the leading industry wall chaser brand all over the world.



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